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Build and Own Your Apps

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Nom Nom Data was created to benefit both business users and developers.We establish communities with individuals that help each other build and implement solutions.

Your Data Made Easy to Digest

Business Users: Accelerate Forward Using Data Tools

With the increased demand for data, businesses of all sizes need more access to solutions. Our independent marketplace of developers create apps for business needs. Learn more about how we provide business solutions.

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Developers: Build Your Own Data App Solutions

Our development community is growing, with both freelancers and internal teams finding our platform ideal for building and distributing their solutions. Learn more about how we are doing it.

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Your Data in Your Control
Focus on What Matters

Get The Support You Need Without The Expense

Many solution offerings are either more than what is necessary or not enough of what is needed. We are ready to assist you with use of our platform so you can obtain and integrate only the tools your team needs to solve problems. Our goal is to provide an alternative to expensive consulting engagements, package software or an in-house custom development project. Learn more about what’s available to you.

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Data is complicated and
often hard to manage.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Democratizing Data

All organizations deserve flexible, scalable data architectures that can grow with their business without exploding costs.

Nom Nom Data caters to businesses that want to manage data on their own servers within a secure infrastructure, but don’t have the bandwidth to support an in-house team.

How It Works

Create an Account

Create an Account

Become a data-driven organization today.
Install a Nominode

Install a Nominode

Free to use, the platform allows you to consolidate, automate and monitor many different tools from one unified interface.
Subscribe to an Engine

Subscribe to an Engine

Engines are tools that install on your Nominode like apps, allowing you to manage your data and infrastructure in a variety of ways.

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Nom Nom Data’s menu of solutions enable you to quickly scale
your capabilities up or down as your business requires.

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