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Hi there! Heard you were interested in Nom Nom Data. Want to know more about what we do and why we do it? Cool, because that’s exactly what we wanted to talk about.

After working in the industry for over 20 years and seeing companies struggle with data migrations, technology shifts and inter departmental battles for access to information, we began to have… questions. Why is it so hard to design and implement truly agile data driven architectures at scale? Why isn’t there a way to make information management more efficient and easy? Why couldn’t we create something and use it to help companies tackle these difficulties? Just so that you don’t need to skip to the end, the answer to the last question is that we could and we do.

We began with a deeper investigation into the problems. We spoke to folks in the IT and Engineering departments and they told us about the issues that arise from complex code defects and technology limitations. We chatted with people on the Marketing team and heard about their struggles to collect and track the right information. We had a discussion with members of the Finance department about the concerns they have related to the security, compliance and accuracy of their data. We talked to senior management and listened intently to their worries about cost, turnover and the critical need to keep information flowing efficiently across their organization as it continues to grow larger and larger.

We had a few key observations.

  • No single department should be solely responsible for all of the data within an organization. Every department has distinct needs and deserves an easy path for both producing and consuming information.
  • Too few folks are engaged in creating, validating, documenting and using knowledge. Information is richer and riper when more people are aware of it and contribute to it.
  • Information tooling isn’t in the Goldilocks Zone. Some organizations are trying to cram too many functions into a single tool, making it complex, inefficient and difficult to maintain. While other organizations are using far too many individual tools, making it very hard to know exactly how and where their data is being processed.

We created Nom Nom Data because we have solutions to these problems and we love sharing our expertise, technology and service with companies who want to make their data more digestible across their organization. We envision a world where simplified data management can change the way businesses interact with their information, wherever it is located.

Through our values, products and services, our mission is to allow you to easily build communities of knowledge that can be leveraged by everyone. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better and we hope to find out more about you soon!

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