SQL Plotter: Bokeh – Table Output

SQL Plotter: Bokeh

SQL Plotter: Bokeh is used to create a visualization from the results of an SQL Query.

Table Output

The Table Output action will create a visualization from the results of an SQL Query. Whenever your Task runs, it will execute your SQL Query against the database specified in your Target Database Connection. A multi-column result table will be built. That table of values will be stored along with the other parameters that you have specified locally on your Nominode in a JSON Visualization Blob. Any JSON Visualization Blob existing from a previous run of your task will be overwritten. Your Nominode can translate the JSON Visualization Blob into a Table that can be displayed in a Widget on Dashboard.

This link contains more information about adding a Widget to a Dashboard on your Nominode:


This Task requires you to provide a remote database Connection, an SQL Query string to run against the database, and a title for your table.


All Tasks contain this field. Set an Alias name that is meaningful and memorable as it will appear in the list of Tasks on your Nominode.

Target Database Connection

SQL Database access information is stored in a Generic:Database Connection on your Nominode.

This link contains more information about creating a Connection on a Nominode:


The Generic:Database Connection has seven fields.

  • Set the Alias field to something meaningful like “YourDatabase on YourSQLServer”.
  • Leave the Engine Type field set to the default value of “mysql”.
  • Set the Hostname field to the DNS name of the server running the software hosting your database.
  • Set the Database Name field to the name of your database.
  • Set the Username field to the name of the SQL user that has the desired access to your database.
  • Set the Password field to the SQL user’s password.
  • Set the Port field to the port number that your database server is listening on. MySQL servers listen on port 3306 by default.

Once the Connection is created, you can select its Alias from the drop down list for the Target Database Connection field on this Task.

SQL Query

Type in an SQL query that will generate the values to display in your table. For example, this SQL query will pull the first ten rows of values from columns named column_1, column_2 and column_3 in a table named yourtable in your database:

SELECT column_1, column_2, column_3
FROM yourtable


Type in a Title to display for your Table.

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