Snowflake SQL Runner

Doug Zalkovsky has been working with relational database management systems and distributed data systems for almost 20 years. He is an expert in SQL, AWS, data modeling, data warehousing, Snowflake, ETL, Spark, and big data. Over the course of his career, he has used his advanced knowledge of SQL and data to develop and create reporting systems, application data models, and data loading processes for numerous clients. Doug has also worked in business intelligence, data science, and advanced analytics across various industries, and in more recent roles has led the designing and building of data pipelines.

When Doug started working with Snowflake, he came to realize its vast and untapped potential. He understood how it could be used within different industries and had a wide range of technological applications. After discovering Nom Nom Data, he was compelled to share his knowledge and experience to empower others to become more productive in the use of Snowflake. This led to the development of the Snowflake SQL Runner app.

“I determined that working with Nom Nom Data to create the app would be the most effective way to provide that functionality,” said Doug. “They make it really easy, as they have all the documentation you need to get started with developing an app.”

Snowflake SQL Runner is effective for anyone who wants to automate SQL, either as part of a pipeline or broader data processing. The app makes it easier to run scheduled, parameterized, rolling date-based queries against a Snowflake database. For example, you can automatically query a table using moving date ranges, and process five minutes of data every five minutes. While the Snowflake UI has a scheduler with parameters, it does not have the flexibility of rolling dates with buffers and different intervals.

Using an app allows someone to create parts of a pipeline for processing of data without the infrastructure or expertise in house. Individuals and businesses can set up a Snowflake account to analyze their Google analytics and other data and create reports with very little effort. They can leverage the Snowflake SQL Runner app with the Nom Nom Data automation platform, which is free to use for up to five people and provides both free and premium paid apps for automating tasks.

“Combining the Snowflake SQL Runner app with other Nom Nom Data apps gives you way more functionality than Snowflake alone could provide,” said Doug. “While running data queries, you can also send emails or Slack alerts, transfer your files to different file systems, or load data into Snowflake from other systems. It enables you to leverage the true power of Snowflake for data analysis and processing.”

Click here if you want to learn more about how your business can save time and money by using apps to address your data processing needs. Or click here if you are interested in creating an app like Doug did.

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