Our Platform

It all begins with the Nominode, which is free to download and use. The Nominode allows you to use Engines to obtain data from many different sources and transform it into an easily digestible format for your business.

Our Engine Store allows you to install many different free engines for your Nominode, as well as purchase subscriptions to several robust paid engines. If you don’t see an engine for the data that you need, please let us know and we’ll create one!

What does the Nominode do?

Pipeline Management Consolidation

Manage all of your disparate data collection sources in a single unified interface.

Task Automation and Scheduling

Replace manual data collection and transformation processes with automatic procedures that can be monitored to ensure that they run how and when you want.

Security and Control

Individual task execution environments are isolated from each other. You are in full control of where your data goes and who has access to it.

Scaling and Performance

Our flexible platform is designed to allow you to use one or more Nominodes to ensure your performance needs are met now and as your business grows in the future.

Where does the Nominode run?

The Nominode runs on your on-premise or cloud servers. Your business information is collected, stored and processed inside of your systems and never leaves your control.