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Dmitry Babanov worked as a business analyst and a project manager in the financial industry for seven years. His interest in coding led him to pursue a career as a freelance software developer. With his background in business process optimization, he determined there was room to improve typical office work organizations, which led him to focus on automation of business processes. While Dmitry has worked mostly with Python, he has experience using Flask and Django for back-end web development, as well as PostgreSQL and MySQL databases for deploying web apps on a server. He recently started working with the Flutter web-development framework to expand his services.

When Dmitry first joined the Nom Nom Data platform, he learned that some of its clients were looking for a more effective way to process different types of PDFs for various business purposes. He knew that the first step in analyzing data within a PDF involved getting the text in a redistributable form. This data can then be used for pattern analysis or more complex semantic analysis.

“The Nom Nom Data platform allows Nom Nom Apps to pass the data from one to another,” said Dmitry. “I developed the PDF to JSON Converter App to handle this first step and then pass the data onward for further processing. Distributing the app on Nom Nom Data’s servers allows me to offer one app to a number of clients and have centralized support without the need to fix bugs and redeploy it to each of the clients if something goes wrong.”

PDF to JSON Converter reads PDF files from S3 bucket locations listed in a MySQL table, converts the content of the PDF files to JSON text, and stores the converted text in a different MySQL table. This Nom Nom App is ideal for any business that works with print documents. For example, accounting, procurement, and logistics departments have to work with PDFs and other electronic documents, rather than structured data, for various business purposes. They can use this app as the first in the chain of NND Apps to set up an automated process for working with PDF documents.

Dmitry was attracted to Nom Nom Data’s subscription model, which lowered the entrance cost for potential clients and provided him with the opportunity to earn recurring revenue from his app. Developing the PDF to JSON Converter app on its platform also gave him access to the types of clients who would be most interested in using it for their business.

“Nom Nom Data helped me by coming up with the idea for this app and explaining the end benefit of it,” said Dmitry. “Knowing how it will be used on a platform on a broader scale allowed me to make better decisions along with the development and come up with suggestions that I addressed. Nom Nom Data was very supportive in terms of explaining the specifics of code structure and deployment.”

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