Nominode Release 1.7.2



  • 1.7 was a big release for the amount of automated testing we introduced, with 1.7.2 we have reached our internal goals for testing. Don’t worry, we are still thoroughly testing releases with humans, but our robot work force is much increased!
  • As part of this we also removed a bunch of legacy code that was helping nobody.
  • Some performance upgrades for fetching task executions, this is mostly for users with millions of task executions


  • The download logs button should now download the entire execution log instead of just the first 100 lines. There is a soft cap at 1 million lines, but this can be altered by adding &historical_lines=1500000 to the url.
  • Fetching a list of tasks is much faster now after we instructed it to be more big picture oriented and leave the detail stuff to the endpoint for fetching individual tasks.
  • Rarely and in high load situations, an execution log line might get lost. We gave them a map and none of them get lost anymore.



  • Fix for an issue that could crop up when applying shared objects with empty values to tasks
  • Swapping sequence tasks for other tasks will no longer sometimes cause a page refresh
  • Creating new dashboards and adding dashboard widgets now works again
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