Nominode Release 1.5

API Changes

  • The internal loki instance should be happier in high activity installs, logs will also only be retained for 28 days instead of indefinitely
  • Resolved some warning spam on API startup or during upgrades
  • A TOML based configuration file is generated instead of the old .ini file
  • Resolved some issues around tasks not being allowed to finish before terminating them during upgrades
  • The scheduler/worker services will no longer continously reboot during the pre-setup phase.

UI Changes

  • The engine list is sorted alphabetically when creating a new task
  • Setup has learned to take its time, not rush through things and wait for the API to be ready before continuing.
  • The admin status page now displays the upgrade status of the various nominode components instead of combining them into one
  • If the API becomes unavailable, the UI will no longer pretend everything is fine. It will acknowledge the problem and give some guidance in resolving it.
  • Metadata comments will be deleted now, instead of lurking around forever.
  • Metadata will also be more clear about whether it has applied your changes or not.
  • We have improved the error pages for when things go wrong.

App Changes

  • The configuration of SSL works now (must be done manually still)
  • nnode restart will correctly work in installations that have never been upgraded
  • Ubuntu 16, Debian 9 are now supported
  • The installer will cool off and wait for the services to be healthy before advising you to continue the browser based setup.


  • Nominodes are now born into the world with some engines provided for free, instead of having to seek them out on my.nomnomdata.com
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