Nominode Release 1.10.0



  • Shared configuration endpoints, similar to shared objects but instead of being unrolled they are nested like connections
  • Endpoint to allow sequences to be terminated during execution
  • Necessary back-end changes to allow engines to have release channels



  • Better layout for the tabbed interfaces
  • Improvements to the task versioning UI
  • Link to task details from the sequence edit page
  • Removal of JSON field toggle, replaced by Code fields
  • Nested fields, a lightweight way to nest parameters in their own namespace
  • Allow fields to be an array of values instead of single values, for example a list of passwords
  • Shared configuration creation and editing
  • Deprecation of shared objects/metadata
  • Allow selection of an engine release channel, currently stable, beta, and dev are the only channels


  • Fixed very slow loading of the sequence page
  • Required boolean fields were failing validation
  • Text area fields did not populate correctly when used with a shared object
  • Enum lists did not preserve the casing in the model
  • Empty strings will now be empty strings and not Null
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