Nominode Permissions Overview

In the Permissions section of your Nominode, you can control what actions each user of your Nominode can perform.  Detailed instructions for how to modify permissions can be found in the Managing Permissions on a Nominode support document

A Project is a way to group a set of resources (Tasks, Connections, etc.) on a Nominode together for the purpose of controlling access to them.  Each individual resource can only be assigned to one Project. Each resource is assigned to the default Project if a particular Project is not specified.

A Role is a list of resource types and a list of actions that are allowed to be performed on those resource types. For example, a Role may contain the Task and Shared Object resource types and the Read action. A Role definition is specific to one Project. Multiple Roles can be created for a Project.

A Group contains a list of Users and a set of Roles. Each User listed as a member of a Group has the Project specific permissions defined by the Roles assigned that Group. A User can be a member of multiple Groups. If a User is a member of two groups with different Roles for the same Project, the User will receive the permissions of all of the Roles combined.

For example, assume you have three Tasks (A, B and C) on your Nominode. You have assigned Tasks A and B to the ‘Marketing’ Project and Task C to the ‘Sales’ Project. You have defined a ‘Sales Agent’ Role in the ‘Sales’ Project with the ‘Task’ resource type and the ‘Get’, ‘List’ and ‘Execute’ actions listed. You have also defined a ‘Marketing Admin’ Role in the ‘Marketing’ Project with the ‘Task’ resource type and all of the available actions listed, including ‘Create’ and ‘Delete’. Next, you create a ‘Sales and Marketing Managers’ Group and add the ‘Sales Agent’ and ‘Marketing Admin’ Roles to it. You also add Mary as member of the ‘Sales and Marketing Managers’ Group. Mary will have permission to delete Tasks A and B, but she will not have permission to delete Task C.
Nominode Permissions Overview
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