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Our platform is free to download and use. Here are the steps to get started.

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Become a data-driven organization today.

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Free to use, the platform allows you to consolidate, automate and monitor many different tools from one unified interface.

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Engines are tools that install on your Nominode like apps, allowing you to manage your data and infrastructure in a variety of ways.
Get Cooking With Your Nominode

Get Cooking With Your Nominode

It all begins with the Nominode. The Nominode was designed to simplify automation, security, and dashboarding. It runs on your on-premise or cloud servers. Your business information is collected, stored, and processed inside of your systems and never leaves your control.

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Fire up Your Data

Engines give you access to powerful tooling that you don’t have to build from scratch or maintain. Install many different engines in your Nominode. If you don’t see an engine for the data tooling that you need, let us know and we’ll create one!

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Fire up Your Data
Take Control Of Your Data

Take Control of Your Data

Consolidate your account information and systems to serve your teams without letting them in the kitchen.

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Nom Nom Data’s menu of solutions enable you to quickly scale
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