We imagine a world where data access, data processing, data management, and data visualization can be easily managed through a shopping experience, simplifying the way companies interact with and own their information wherever it may be.


We help companies to collect, manage, process, and integrate information easily, cost effectively, at scale, and across the organization through our data platform.

We strive to create the tools, processes, and applications required to make every data consumer self-sufficient, thereby helping them turn information into intelligence.


Data Driven - Data is the lifeblood of decision making and growth and progress. We lead with data to provide tangible drivers for all of our actions.

Inclusion - Data is useful to everyone within an organization. We design our solutions so that everyone gains visibility into the organization’s information, no matter their background or skill sets.

Community - Information is hard and specialties are required. We want to help build communities of knowledge that can be leveraged by all. Whether it’s marketing, finance, CRM or other types of data you can connect with people who know what they are doing.

Empowerment - Our goal is to provide tools and confidence to enable users to leverage data and tools that were not easily accessible before.

Simplicity - We strive to make steps easier and more accessible. A lot of data processes and interactions are complicated. They shouldn't have to be.