Required Pre-Setup Checklist

Register NomNomData Account

Install Docker

Download Installer

Optional Pre-install checklist

Setup MySQL

Setup ElasticSearch

Create an organization that will control the nominode. You can skip this step if you only intend to use your nominode for personal use.


Start a terminal session and run the following in the location you wish to install the nominode

curl -L -o nominode.tar.gz
tar -xvf nominode.tar.gz
cd nominode
Follow the prompts to install your nominode, you will eventually be redirected to your browser

Local Elasticsearch & MySQL options are NOT recommended for production

Adding more users to your nominode

Users you wish to have access to your nominode must first register a nomnomdata account

Subscribing to your first engine

Creating and running your first task

Creating a shared object

This is useful for situations where you have information that needs to be reused across many tasks. For authentication information you want to use a Connection instead, these are stored securely on the nominode

Creating your first sequence