What does Nom Nom Data do?

Nom Nom Data provides data solutions for small and medium-sized businesses’ unique needs. We build custom, scalable infrastructures that consolidate information from disparate data sources into a single, unified view so you always have access to the data your business depends on.

Our clients are small- and medium-sized businesses that want to manage data on their own servers with a secure, on-premise infrastructure, but do not have the bandwidth to support an in-house team. Our clients also demand and deserve architectures that can grow with them without exploding costs.

Nom Nom delivers data services with the agility of a small business. This means you work directly with senior data architects, have more control over your data, and pay only for the solutions you need.

What are some examples of the problems Nom Nom solves?

  • Consolidation: How many ways do you need to collect data? Apis, Scraping, FTP, internal systems? We manage the boring complex part of collecting and consolidating your data enabling you to succeed.
  • Control: Don't want your information going through 3rd parties or going out of your nextworks? With Nom Nom Data you have full control over where your data goes and who gets access to it.
  • Scalability: Are your data solutions keeping up with business growth? Our flexible data architecture Is designed to keep up with your business to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Customization: Is your data unique and complex? Our senior architects invest the time to understand your information and goals to provide a tailored solutions.

Where does Nom Nom Data run?

Nom Nom runs on-premise. This means it runs inside of your network. Your business information is collected, stored and processed inside of your network and never leaves your control.

There seem to be a lot of companies out there that can help with data integration. What makes Nom Nom different?

Nom Nom is:

  • Agile: Our agile software platform and data architects can provide flexible custom solutions at the speed of business.
  • Modular: Our flexible pricing models are tailored to small- and medium-sized businesses so you only pay for the data solutions you need.
  • Secure: On-premise infrastructures offer less risk and more control by allowing you to manage data on your own servers.
  • Scalable: Our data architectures are designed to grow with your business to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Personal: We are not an IT service provider—we are your partners in business. Our unique consulting model means you work directly with senior architects to develop solutions that help you crush your business goals.

Is it easy to get started?

Yes! Our data experts are always available to understand your data challenges and map solutions. Click here to reach out, and we’ll follow up within 2 business days to arrange an introductory call or chat.
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