Firestore to BigQuery Loader

A few years ago, Adeel UL Rahman took a customer support position with a company in the ride hailing industry. While he found a majority of the work unfulfilling, he discovered he had a knack for using technology to automate tasks. He created tools to help his team be more efficient. He moved from customer support to data analysis, but he still longed for the enjoyment he felt when he was building tools and writing scripts. So he eventually left the data analyst position to start his own freelance business performing back-end development. Since then, he has automated processes and streamlined effort for clients working in data analysis, e-commerce, legal services, and publishing.

Several of Adeel’s clients use Cloud Firestore and BigQuery, which are data technologies offered as part of the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database that offers real-time data synchronization with client applications. But it is relatively inefficient and limited when it comes to complex reporting. BigQuery is a serverless, scalable multi-cloud data warehouse that uses a relational data model to deliver query results efficiently and quickly. However, it requires a depth of SQL knowledge to truly leverage its capabilities. Adeel saw an opportunity to work with Nom Nom Data to develop the Firestore to BigQuery Loader app, which would help companies make the most of the best features of both technologies.

“Nom Nom Data showed me the potential for converting my scripts into general purpose apps that could benefit a large number of users,” said Adeel. “They provided a lot of support, showing me how to turn my code into an app, so that I could easily do it again with future apps.”

More and more, corporations that work with large amounts of data are moving away from traditional databases to cloud databases like Cloud Firestore and serverless cloud data warehouses like BigQuery. Firestore to BigQuery Loader is an easy, fast, and effective way for data analysts to synchronize their company’s data from Cloud Firestore to BigQuery, enabling them to leverage the real-time client data gathering capabilities of Cloud Firestore and the algorithm execution and complex report production features of Big Query.

“Each database has its own rules, benefits, and deficiencies.” said Adeel. “The app lets you make the most of Cloud Firestore’s advantages, such as the ability to make comprehensive dashboards, and combine those with BigQuery’s ability to run complex reports. Working with Nom Nom Data gave me the support to turn my code into a monetizable app.”

Click here if you want to learn more about how your business can save time and money by using apps to address your data processing needs. Or click here if you are interested in creating an app like Adeel did.

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