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We help deliver value more rapidly by building scalable, trustworthy infrastructures that provide the transparency you need to manage your data. We use the right tools across a myriad of systems to deliver insights to the right people at the right time.

Easily Find and Automate the Right Data Tools for Higher Productivity.
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Trusted Systems are the Key to Your Success   


Nom Nom Data delivers cost-effective solutions to enable you to become data driven at scale.

We recognize that improving organizational agility requires an information architecture that is trusted. Our data architects will help you establish a resilient foundation, create the right blueprint design, and build the scalable architecture that you need. Process transparency and ownership remain completely within your control.

Organizations are becoming increasingly data-centric, gaining the ability to prioritize the deeper insights that they can extract from their data. Simply storing data using monolithic software and hardware is no longer sufficient or desirable. Having a trusted infrastructure becomes crucial.

Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Data Pipeline   


Like many modern technologies, data infrastructures are evolving rapidly.


Our data architects leverage decades of expertise to enable you to scale and optimize your systems for resilience and long-term viability.

Nom Nom Data Provides Actionable Data to Achieve More

• Improving Integration

• Increasing Scalability

• Optimizing Your Toolset

• Reassessing Your Architecture

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How does leveraging a platform like Nom Nom Data help our organization?
Nom Nom Data begins by reviewing your architecture, outlining improvements and, critically, by sharing a methodology that enables your data architecture to be understood without requiring everyone on your team to possess code-level expertise to be able to invoke your data warehouses for actionable insights.
How quickly can the Nom Nom Data team assess and resolve some of our data architecture needs?
We begin with a confidential discussion and review of your organization’s goals and challenges. The output from those discovery sessions allows us to prescriptively outline where we can design and help you implement tangible improvements to your system architecture and processes.
Will we be required to purchase additional software/licensing through this engagement?
You wouldn’t build a house without a trusted architectural blueprint established beforehand. Likewise, none of our clients are required to purchase or license software tools or technologies. If your team sees demonstrable value of specific tools or applications after we’ve conducted a review of the infrastructure and data integration goals your team is working on, that remains for you to decide next course of action.
What are we likely experiencing at our organization that makes Nom Nom Data a solution for us?
We prioritize making it easier for your teams to both access and integrate data. If you’re facing a growing set of complexities, requests for data flows that don’t exist, it’s time to talk. Organizations that are increasingly relying on multiple silos of data sources where integration or coexistence of that information is valuable, yet currently time consuming to bring together, we can help.
Does Nom Nom Data require certain architectures?
A key enabling factor of the Nom Nom Data approach is that you can run these processes on-premise, in-house, hybrid cloud, you choose where the applications run. We don’t force you to adopt a hard and fast infrastructure inside or outside your organizational boundaries. The result – you’re not leaving a large group of your employees gated, waiting for an expert to provide them their data. Yes, you control the group and role-based permissions that enable this. Technical skills across any organization certainly vary so the architectural approach that Nom Nom Data takes is to bring the platform to a level where almost anyone in your organization can log in and see what’s happening.
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