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teak converter copy


Teak files currently come as CSV Files. Need to convert them to another format and then copy to a new location.

Purchasing Options

Available Actions

Convert to JSON and Copy

Provide a path of teak provided files, take unprocessessed files convert to json and copy them to a new location


Connection Information
tracking_db required

Database where you store which files you have processed and their status

tracking_table required

Tracking schema and tablename where the file statuses will be stored


AWS Credentials with access to the source and target s3 locations.

Source Info
column_names required

Header for the columns available from teak. You can use different names. Must be in order. Comma separated no spaces.


Path where original teak files are located.


S3 Bucket where you want to unload the data to.

Target Info
target_s3_path required

Path where converted files will be transfered to.


S3 Bucket where you want to unload the data to.

Custom Arguments
lookback required

Number of days based on the pattern to lookback

reprocess required

If True reprocess files even if you have already successfully processed those files before.