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Build your own Data App Solutions



A NEW Data Management & Automation Platform

by Nom Nom Data

Built for Developers,
by Developers

Who should snack on the Nominode and why?
Developers who are hungry for a go-to platform to build, sell, and own the data solutions they create.
We get it. That’s Why We Built The Nominode.

We know what you’re thinking.
What’s the Nominode?
Check it out.


Benefits of the Nominode

  • Free platform to build and use new apps
  • Create custom solutions for your clients
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Save time and project dollars
  • Own what you create
  • Distribute your apps in our marketplace
  • Offer your creations for free or a subscription fee
  • Build your portfolio


Whether you work as a freelancer or a full-time employee at an enterprise-level organization, or anything in between, the Nominode is your gateway toward a more effective & efficient way to build data solutions for your business users and customers.

We want to create a community of developers that can share their knowledge and use our platform to create tools that they can easily distribute to anyone in need of a cost-effective solution where all of the parts work seamlessly together. We want to empower those developers to receive the recognition and compensation that they deserve for the value that they provide.

As a member of the Nom Nom Data community, you will be able to use our Nominode platform to…

BUILD to empower others
SHARE knowledge with more people
GROW your opportunities and skills


Our Community of Developers is Growing. See Why.

Why Developers are building and distributing using Nom Nom Data.

Here are two user stories describing how Developers use The Nominode…

Jayson just cashed a commission check from Nom Nom Data. He built data solution applications on Nom Nom Data’s platform, The Nominode, a few months ago and businesses continue to download and subscribe to his application.

Want to be like Jayson?

Who is Jayson?

Jayson is a freelance developer with a very active client list. He works out of a co-working facility in Tulsa, OK. While handing a variety of business projects across an array of industries, he noticed a familiar pattern. They all were looking for data solutions. At that moment, Jayson wondered if he could figure out their needs and scale a solution to positively impact many businesses instead of just one group of business users at one company.

What did Jayson do?

Jayson found NomNomData.com and discovered a platform to rapidly build data solutions. Jayson ended up building five separate data applications and placed them on Nom Nom Data’s store. He offers one of them for free, but the others have a monthly subscription where he collects 70% commission on the sale of the app he developed.

Eva works at a big corporation, and just solved a big problem. Eva created a data solution for a business user when the corporation didn’t have resources to solve a need. Eva created a custom solution when there was none.

Here’s how Eva got started with the Nominode…

What did Eva do?

Eva heard about the Nominode platform at Nom Nom Data, and quickly became a registered user. The Nominode provided her with the tools to rapidly build a solution for a business user at the company she works for. Eva had the privacy and security her organization requires, and with data never leaving the company servers.

What could Eva do next?

Eva now knows how easy the Nominode is to use and navigate. She is making plans to build more data solution apps to make available in the Nom Nom Data store. Eva believes expertise is more valuable when shared with more people.

Discover what you can do with the Nominode!

Check it out.


Our mission is to remove the barriers to creating the data solutions needed to drive your business forward. We address the specific areas that stall, complicate and derail most data projects. Our platform gives developers the tools needed to rapidly build and deploy data solution applications because we understand the obstacles that teams face during the creation, implementation, integration and management of their data environment.


Is this available in languages other than Python?
Not yet, but we’ll get there, and there is a good reason we started with Python. Here is some info directly from our Founder.
Is there a cost to build my own applications on The Nominode?
No, there is no cost to build and distribute applications on the platform. And your internal solutions can also be used by a small number of people for free.
Do I own 100% of what I develop on The Nominode platform?
Yes. The Nominode was designed to empower developers to have ownership of what they develop. Just consider The Nominode a neutral space to build and own your apps, while generating revenue.
Is there support in case I need help?
Absolutely. We have a shared space for our developer community to collaborate directly with each other and members of our team. We also offer an extensive knowledge base with detailed documentation and demonstration videos. As well as a portal to open support tickets for driving specific issues all the way to resolution.
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