Our Vision

We imagine a world where digestible data can simplify the way businesses interact with their information, wherever it resides, allowing them to build communities of knowledge that are accessible and useful to everyone.

Our Values

  • Data Driven – Information is the lifeblood of decision making, growth and progress. We lead with data to provide tangible drivers for all of our actions.
  • Inclusive – Information is useful to every individual within an organization. We seek to design solutions that make it possible for everyone, regardless of their background or skill set, to access their organization’s data.
  • Collaborative – Organizations store many different types of information: customer relationships, marketing insights, finance numbers and more. We strive to help organizations build communities of knowledge that can be leveraged by everyone to easily find the people who have the most knowledge about each type of data.
  • Simple – Data processes and interactions can be complex and difficult, but they don’t have to be. We aim to make the steps easier to understand and execute.
  • Empowering – Information management is often limited to a small team of data experts. We endeavor to build tools that give individuals the confidence to leverage data they were not comfortable accessing before.

Our Team

Nam Nguyen


Samantha Hughes

Lead Engineer

Seth Kaufman

Software Engineer