We imagine a world where digestible data can simplify the way businesses interact with their information, wherever it resides, allowing them to build communities of knowledge that are accessible and useful to everyone.

Our why




Information management is often limited to a small team of data experts. We provide the tools and confidence to enable users to leverage data and resources that were not easily accessible before.
data driven


Information is the lifeblood of decision making, growth and progress. We lead with data to provide tangible drivers for all of our actions.


Data processes and interactions can be complex and difficult, but they don’t have to be. We break down barriers to make the steps easier to understand and execute.


Whether it’s marketing, finance, CRM or other types of information, our solutions build communities of knowledge that can be leveraged by anyone, regardless of background or skill set, to easily find and access the data and experts that they need.

Our Data Chefs


Nam Nguyen

Head Data Chef

Samatha Hughes

Lead Engineer
Senior Data Chef

Seth Kaufman

Software Engineer
Data Chef

Josh Sherman

Director of Customer Success
Maitre d’

What’s Cooking at Nom Nom Data

From product updates to insights on data migration, Nom Nom Data is always cooking up something new.

Why We Started with Python

Why We Started with Python

When we decided to give developers a way to build and distribute data apps, we wanted to make sure we did it right. We started by creating a platform that would provide the user interface, automation and security for the apps, because we knew that those are the portions that most developers have neither the time nor desire to build.

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Data driven

Become a Data Driven Organization

Our unique approach pairs you directly with senior data chefs to develop recipes that help you crush your business goals.

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